Healing The Inner Child, Can You Forgive Past Experiences?

Can You Forgive Past Experiences?

Written By Liz Oakes

Healing the inner child may be necessary for many of you, as there are things that have happened to you in childhood that you have not resolved.

AmethystAmethyst are violet flame crystals which aid inner child healing

Many of these things are not necessarily in your day to day
awareness. Yet they come up at times and you feel a great sadness, and
an awareness that they need resolution.

By releasing the anxiety
associated with the past, and the time when you were too young to have
any control over your life, you can allow joy to flow in your life.

What Is Inner Child Healing? 

Healing the inner child is about healing the past. Once you are past
your childhood years and you are an adult, many people operate life on

The programming from your childhood years runs your
life from there on, until you make a decision to change the programming,
and heal the issues that are holding you back.

Past lives you may
have lived are sometimes unknowingly the source of your distress. Often people come into this life and choose to re-live a similar life, so you
can heal these past life hurts.

Within each person is held the
memory of that child that you were, and that you still are at some
level, so by healing the inner child you may resolve that past issue.

To heal the inner child, an effective way is to use a series of steps within a meditation. You do this by going within and meeting your inner child.

You ask the inner child to come forward and then you become a loving
parent to yourself. Often at this point you will find that a lot of old
issues from your childhood will surface.

As these issues come to your attention, it is essential that you
respect the validity of the hurts experienced by the inner child

And as you become aware of the issues you may be
aware that there are people in your life now, or who have since passed
over, who caused you hurt.

It is important to forgive them. Forgiveness is an imperative part of
the process, for until you let go of the past you cannot move on with
the present.

Allow yourself to support the person you have become,
and celebrate the journey you have been on, to get to where you are
now. Be proud of who you are now and how you have moved on, and what you
have achieved.

Which Crystals Aid Inner Child Healing?

The use of crystals within the process is a wonderful support. If you have the following crystals they will aid the situation, but they are not essential.

There are a range of crystals you might use, so be guided by your intuition. If you have any of them, use the ones you have and place as appropriate.

Place a Clear Quartz Crystal above your head at the crown chakra, and if you are able to get a specific inner child crystal this will be a benefit. 

This is a crystal where a smaller crystal is embedded, even embraced within a larger crystal.

If you have an Amethyst Crystal put it at the third eye chakra, and at the throat chakra place a blue crystal of some sort. 

You could choose to use a Blue Aragonite or Blue Lace Agate as both are good choices.

Place a piece of Lepidocrocite in Quartz or Mangano Calcite at the higher heart chakra which will work with the beautiful green Dioptase or green Gaspeite anywhere within the heart chakra or the thymus or higher heart chakra.

These stones have the vibration of forgiveness and compassion so it will be very beneficial to place either of these or both there in the region of the heart and higher heart chakras.

Alternatively a lovely Pink Kunzite Crystal Or Rose Quartz is also very beneficial there.

Put a Rhodochrosite on the stomach at the solar plexus or power chakra and you could place a Green Chrysoprase or Bustamite on the stomach at the sacral or navel chakra. 


If you have a Smithsonite stone, this can be used instead of any of the crystals mentioned here, at any position as it works well at all chakras.  At the base or root chakra, you can use a Red Jasper stone or a piece of Ruby.

Red Jasper has a number of helpful attributes including helping you to
set boundaries as well as helping to solve any problems you need to find
solutions to.

Ruby stones bring an energy that encourages enthusiasm
for life, to help you to cope with issues that are concerning you.

Place a Smokey Quartz below your feet at the area known as the earth star chakra. Alternatively you may place it at the base or root chakra.

Smokey Quartz serves a couple of purposes here. Firstly it is a stone that is powerful for protection and is a strong grounding stone.

Secondly, it is also a stone to aid you to improve your emotions, so will help you at this time. As it is one of the quartz varieties it will amplify the energy of other stones as well.

Healing The Inner Child Meditation

Check out this article on easy meditation methods if you are not sure how to do meditation, and then return back here to do the meditation.

The timing for doing this is important. Make this a time when you can give yourself at least an hour, and preferably arrange for no interruptions.

It can be extremely emotionally draining, so allow yourself the time and be aware that you need to allow the process to happen. 

Lie down and set up the crystals as directed, and allow yourself to go into deep inner awareness.

This is the time to become a loving parent to yourself. See yourself as the adult and speak to your inner child. 

Allow the inner child to come forward and take over, and give the inner child permission to bring the memories to the forefront of your mind.

Allow The Inner Child To Speak To You

Listen to what the inner child says however unreasonable. Some of what comes into your mind at this point may seem illogical but just allow yourself to go fully with the process.

Expect anger to surface and allow the tears to flow. This is part of the process of healing the inner child, and will aid your healing.

Maybe at the beginning the child will not speak so just relax and allow it to be silent. Once it does speak, validate its hurts and its feelings.

It is important that you allow that child to ‘hold the floor’. Each of us needs to know that we can let go, so allow yourself to let this child take control.

As you stop letting the inner parent tell you that you are less than you know you are, you can let go of any shame, judgment or fear you feel about the past.

These emotional wounds from the past need to be healed. You are probably hankering to allow yourself to have more loving relationships, and the most important relationship you can have is with yourself. 

Process of Healing The Inner Child

It is possible there will be a battle going on inside your head, and you may imagine scenarios that are not real.

Just go with whatever you feel until you reach a point where you can develop a loving relationship with the wounded parts of yourself.

The final and most empowering step to healing your inner child wounds is forgiveness. For most of you it will come last, after you have worked through the other processes.

Green CalciteGreen Calcite

If you have a piece of the green Dioptase crystal, hold it in your hand, to boost the vibration within yourself of forgiveness. Other stones to aid forgiveness includes Stichtite, Rhodonite and Green Calcite.

  • Respect the validity of the views of the inner child. Love your inner child show them in a loving way that they are very loved.
  • Allow yourself at last to step away from the inner child, as you accept who you are now.
  • Your full validation of who you are now, and the gifts and talents you possess, is important.
  • If you find you have anxiety or stress over any issue you discover that you are having trouble dealing with, you may like to use EFT or tapping to help you.
  • Check out my article on tapping at my health site, as this is a powerful way to help yourself to heal.

Ask yourself: “Where does the way I act now in my life come from? Am I willing to release these things and allow myself to heal?

Can I forgive those people in my life who caused me grief, and can I forgive myself for my own role in the process.”

Healing The Inner Child Process

Healing the inner child is a process that almost all of you need to do, as you all have some problems from your childhood that you need to resolve.

You will find that as you allow yourself to forgive, not only others but also yourself you will find a major improvement in your life. Use any or all of the crystals after the meditation.

Rose Quartz will aid you to feel more balanced and more loving as you deal with any relationship issues.

Use Amethyst Crystals as they are violet flame crystals
that may help you to handle any sadness and grief that may come up,
after you have done the ‘healing the inner child’ meditation.

is powerful for allowing you to experience compassion and forgiveness.

Use any of these crystals mentioned above each day in meditation, and if possible keep them on your body. If this is not possible put them under your pillow to ensure ongoing healing.

If you are stressed, learn how to use EFT tapping, which is also commonly called meridian tapping, to ease stress, as using EFT will help you.

Chrysoprase crystals will bring through feelings of love and of
forgiveness, both of yourself and others, as you let go of ego based
negativity, associated with co-dependent relationships.

The whole healing the inner child process is very powerful, and can be done more than once. It may take a few times to work through all of the issues you have.

If you are anxious or stressed, three of my favorites that are powerful to help you to feel calmer more
quickly are Lilac Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz and Amblygonite.

You can use them while doing the meditation for healing the inner child
and you may also choose to keep a piece on you as well. There are also a number of other powerful stones to aid stress.

You don’t need to completely resolve all the issues all at once, but by being proactive with the process for healing the inner child will help yourself to move to a better place emotionally.

“Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours.” Marcus Aurelius.

Healing The Inner ChildHealing The Inner Child

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